Ha...another happy rider

Luke the Lammy with his HULK scooter.....First place for artwork at the 2017 Isle of Wight Scooter Rally.


What do we paint on -

We paint anything on anything...literally....... on any surface and on any scale....from a motorcycle tank to the side of a building.......from a canvas to a lorry.

Ageing and effects

We provide an effects service...ageing the new......and reviving the old.

Making the old fit for a sci fi-film...and the modern a thing of the past.....

What do we paint -

We paint anything on anything...literally....tell us what you want and what you want it on and we can do it........

Design services

We are continuously challenged to provide new and innovative designs, not just in our artwork, but also with our book and album cover designs.

Words From Our Customers

"Thank you so much for the helmet, the name on the side just added an extra awesome touch to it. A very good job and attention to detail next to none. Thank you again"

Steve Smith - Isle of Wight

Amazing. Very talented

Sue - Surrey

Awesome Dave

Howie - Isle of Wight

 Omg that is shit hot!!!

Dean - St Helens

 Wow! That’s amazing

Marc Bomber - Lincoln

Very impressive, but can you put a Rowntrees fruit pastel in your mouth, without chewing?

Andy - Isle of Wight

Looks great!!

Jena - IOW

 Awesome,Stunning mate keep up the good work

Luke  - Isle of Wight

Amazing work well happy and already booked in for more work 👌




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